tHE wORLD (2 minutes at a time)

by Illy Mays

(free) 02:00


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Illy Mays New York

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
we're all living life so... Death's a must?

I don't accept it.

-iLLy Mays, Queens, NY

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Track Name: One and Oh
Always said I wanna be the greatest,
Till this hip hop thing became a fad, now we wanna be the latest
I, Do what I gotta to make it on ya playlist
And when ya head nod, you’re calling me ya favorite
Hah, I’m just a product new found philosophy,
So throw ya hands up, like you listeners were boxing me
At least I ought to be, feel it in my arteries
But somehow my artistry is beating through this heart of me
So I don’t pretend to be a harder me
I’ll pave my own lane homie, so you’re gonna have to pardon me
iLLy mays, get the name right
I’m pullin discs out the tray, when I’m changing up the game right?
If History was written by the victors
Then tell me how to sit up with the winners
Man, I wanna know
If I’m my biggest enemy in this world
And I hit my own goals
Does that make me 1 and 0?
Food for thought, till my tummy grow
Tryina spark flames but this fuel is running low
Tryina seek truth when these rumors come and go
Till my curtain close, I’m just tryina run this show
Run this show,
Money slow, moving at a snails pace
Runny nosed, wanna blow, untill I’m pale face
Probably smoke, ‘cause I wonder how this L taste
See these cars and clothes, are dumbing down the male race
Why everything that supoosed to be bad, make me feel so good
And every time I speak my thoughts I get misunderstood?

Gotta take my mind of it,
Track Name: Candle Flow
You should believe in him, ain’t no comedian
My ends justify my means, modes and medians
I will survive, man my minds made, I’ll see the end
Even a locksmith couldn’t craft these keys to win
Look in my eyes, man who decides who lives or dies?
Some Got the nerve to criticize and, never see the finish line
I’m just tryina be a better man, cracking under pressure man
Kids blowing out their brains, it got me smoking second hand
Been a product of this world, see me on its flowchart
Now it wants to chew me up and spit me out like blowdarts
Seeing those with no heart, getting gobbled up quick
Tryina be like Mozart, drop a couple classics
Won’t become an addict no, see you clapping at my show
Watching all these hard acts fall, seeing those who flaccid grow
Push me to the ground, man I swear I’m coming back fo mo
Cause, life ain’t putting out, but you know she look attractive though
This is my candle flow, whacks get to whiff this
I’m scented, so I can bring incense to the senseless
Im keeping tabs on every single paragraph indented
It’s like you’ve been convicted, cause you await my sentence
But I swear, I’m never losing my way,
because I’m finally gassed, If I lose I deflate
Now you can debate, over whose at the root of the hate
Or you can draft a family tree, just so that you can relate
I’m sick of funerals, and standing there confused at the wake
Wondering were you this beautiful when you were awake?
When ya man was abusing you and bruising ya face,
Did you know that death would be the thing you used to escape?
Stop the violence, the suffering in silence
The mindless, the turning all our plusses into minus
To all my people lost, I’ll let you rest in peace
And the rest of us should make this world safe for my niece
Track Name: Ventriloquist
I hold in high regard, every shining star feeling dwarfed
for every shut mouth, i'ma talk, begin the sentence
the world relentless, to those defenseless,
cause as an infant, not a single manual was given
but still we living..
and I look out for mine,
illustrate the path to riches, man I author that design
and offer to new yorkers, more thoughts for my listeners,
cause with every single verse, it's my hometown i'm bigging up (Queens!)
and any one who's missing out, then it's you i'm picking up
and giving my attention, 'cause I already get enough
spread the wealth, with my sicker stuff,
he who needs help, I heLP he when I drop an LP
me and ignorance, is like the yankees and the red sox
no maybe more like playstation vs. xbox
wrapped up in my head like some dread locks
Put in work like a sweat shop, 'till i'm buried in bed rock
Extra Extra, Read all about it!
Holding down a degree Just to freeze all who doubted (CS!)
when you're told to take a hike, you could scream all about it
or you could take ya dreams, and treat them like mountains
so.. climb on baby, keep ya mind strong,
wanna see you rise, sonny, betta get ya shine on
remember thoughts are weapons, better pack ya sidearm
I do this for my homies i'ma never guide wrong
Aye, aye,
And at the end of the day I’m just a ventriloquist,
Speaking for those, who getting lost in the midst
Long as I’m writing, you can ’t stay silent