Pen Stripes: I'm Not A Nice Guy

by iLLy Mays

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Well, here it is folks. I started this project as a way to get my mind off of The Prelude, which is much more serious in subject matter, and I figured this would be MY Drought 3. Things spiraled out, and I wound up spending a lot more time on this than I had anticipated.

Don't let this be representative of The Prelude, just a fun side project that I hope you have [even] more fun listening to, than I had making.


released July 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Illy Mays New York

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
we're all living life so... Death's a must?

I don't accept it.

-iLLy Mays, Queens, NY

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Track Name: Looking out the window
I’m Sick of seeing Bills Pile up, like buffalo fumbled
Cause I’m searching for the peace like I’m solving a puzzle
And I, never thought I could be so strong
But I can hear my fam telling me to hold on
‘cause these, loans are bugging me, plus I got these other fees
From companies who love to see our struggles, and our suffering
But we gon make it.. know it, we gon make it
Owing the world nothing but baby we gon take it
From the, New moms, who stay clipping those cupons
Ain’t making no bread, still working for croutons
To newborns, who ain’t born with no bonds
To those with suits on, ain’t finding no jobs
You can’t afford healthcare, then too bad
Yeah you gonna take ya bumps, but you learn to peel scabs
I know this one chick, she afraid to lose cash
So every new kid, be coming with new dads
And, I ain’t mad that’s her hustle though
We all gotta eat, that’s her supper though
And I’m just tryina get mine
I don’t think a path was made for me,
So I’ma let my statements pave the way for me
Never let there come a day when I make forty
That I’m in the subway, guzzling a 40
‘cause till the day I die, man I want the glory
When you pay yer respects yall can all afford me

I be looking out the windooow, tryina figure where the wind blows
Asking where do we come from,
And where are we going,
Where do we come from,
And where are we going?
Aye could somebody help Me?

Mama said that there’d be days like this
When I’d be dazed and pissed,
But I was raised with grit so..
(Ya kno oh oh oh)
we never holding back, and man
(cause my so o o oul)
will never let me crack
(cause man)
And it’s so wonderful, how we gon survive
Yall can take it from the source ‘till yall feeling the vibe
(And Man) I’m writing for the Pulitzer prize
Sick of getting jerked around - give em a pull-it surprise
Letting my demons arise, only leads to demise
So I keep mine in check, screw the secrets and lies
When I tell you folks the truth, then all my weaknesses hide
Got their hands over their face like they keeping the time
But I be… tryina bring it to the mases like the Pharaoh
They ask me if I’m gonna quit, shorty hell no
When destiny crosses my path like the rail road
I’m a drop bars like a cell phone
Do this for the Dropouts, and anyone who’s locked down
Do this for my schoolmates NYU, we hot now
Do this for the city that I love, and its people
Filthy rich or Dirt Poor, know that you my equal
Yeah yeah yeah, we livin, we breakin out this mental prison
It’s like an old Nintendo ‘cause we bout to blow the system
Impact you like a dentist, I’m about to spread the wisdom
Plus I appreciate it when you listen
This. Is. Me.
iLLy Mother loving mays ‘till the death of me, still moving minds like telepathy
still getting mine like Vietnam when you step to me
Clap for 'em
Track Name: Who Dat Freestyle (Tha Prequel)
Yall making Noise Polution
I’ll be the worlds solution
I’ve turned a corner in my life, No prostitution
Until I stop producing, semen I’ll be sonnin verses
Coming through like He Man, Master of the universes,
Captor of the spoken word, have you looking super worthless
See me on ya girls arm, bagging that like her purses
Yall alcohol pads, only sort of scrape the surface
I’m 100 proof, all in yer internal organs
I’m air forcing it, flyer than their squadron is
While yall are turning green with envy, looking like them army men
I’m hot dogging it, someone pass the condiments
Then I’m raw dogging it, don’t know what a condom is
Dominance, M Night Shamalyn, plots will twist
When I start to jot I prove we’re total opposites
(it’s like son’s been dead the whole time)
I’ll even ghostwrite just to steal yer shine

Any moment, I been known to spit a sonnet
Till I turn blue in the face, my tales are extra sonic
I get reception, but hearing yall can be a problem
Like iPhone sides, I just can’t put my finger on it
But I promise, I’m a push rap to promise land
And show my hand in this damn thing, uncle sam
Bring the future with my comments when I start to jam
While Yall dummies looking amish, straight up, I’m just being honest
Start to vent, ‘till I’m looking promenant
They’re like illy You’re Up, sorta like the continent
Track Name: Tiger Woods
From a 90 story window, Sittin at the top of hip hop
Feeling the wind blow, head of state like chris rock
Time is money man, Measure Cash with a wrist watch
(I’m zoooned,)
Lettin time pass like Tick.. Tock..
Some doods are fine broke(Homie,) this kid’s not
Some rock the boat, Some leave the ship docked
But I’m passed the cast away(stage)
Forget yachts
My ship will blast away, likeit hops
I get lifted, Past the simplistic
(so gassed)
The people at pepto’s , Interested
Create scenes like baked beans
(Son dooks is fulla hot air)
Like balloons, son I’m so steamed
And it seems,
I can’t be brought down, To earth
I’m hovercraftin (knawmean?)
Yall down in dirt
Yall are earth worm’s
I circle round with birds
Like a library thief
I got away with words
It’s too easy(Aiiyo ma,)
You me and two breezys
Down by the sea, We’ll play strip tag(eyes closed)
You can’t see me Marco Polo
There goes ya Bikini (oops)
My Secretary
Tryin to ask for a raise? (word?)
(Nah) Mister Mays has left for the day (my bad)
What you have here is Illy, I’ve been left in his place (yeah)
And we can get silly, Take an L to the face (no doubt))
Or we can get friendly , Take ya back to ma place (of course)
where you can let Illy put his hands on ya waist, haha
where you can get lapped like the back of a race!!! (take it)
When we done I sit back, like how do I taste
But I ain’t down to cuddle, chick get out of my face!!! (peace)
(aww I’m not a nice guy)

Light skinned don
But yo, dis da hood
When dem lights go off
You get put down for good
So I live like a crook
Uh huh huh
Done hit another chick, Tiger woods

Screaming Death To Yall infidels
Dees cats are nothing more than chicks with nails
Scratchin at me
But I ain’t got a scent to smell
sot keep testin’ my nerve, you’ll get sent to hell (that’s a promise)
Ladies get french kissed, And I eat you snails (escargot)
Give Black eyes like deserts - can’t see two well
Eat wack guys fer dessert, and keep ya shells
The jacket at ya funeral, it suits ya welllll
But I’m buggin, No wasp or dragonfly
Dooks got no wings, ain’t stop ‘em from getting high
Mind’s on next next level, Illy da sickest right?
(Oh this the game of life?)
I’m using cheat codes to get me by (like)
Up up, Down Down Left, Right ,Left right
A,b,a,b Select start (infinite ammo)
So tough, You must
Be like, He’s nice
Ain’t he? (ain’t He?)
The Rest aren’t (game over)
Girls in full nelsons, World’ll go helpless
Yall are so low, (like), Beyonce or Elvis
Fresh in polo’s, No horsey’s (You jealous?)
She think of horsey’s, When a whore see’s my Pelvis
Track Name: From The Bottom (Get Yer Hands Up)
Never better
Son will shine forever more
See heat in me, like the predator
Elite emcee, kick it raw till I’m kicking down heavens door
Spittin on saint peters porch, until I piss the gods off
calling shotgun, hit the game with a sawed off
Shake the frame a bit, ‘till these wack heads fall off
Earth quake the place, Cold shoulder – the flow is sort of chili
Yall are so hati, I’ll be somewhere in brazil b
Illy, unh, Never forget the name
Amnesia leads to death, if you let it in yer brain
I’ll take offense if you don’t recognize me
Then I’ll leave yer body in the morgue, with no I.D.
True story, your family will all go
Searching fer a glimpse of you, like where’s waldo
Pulling sheets back on bodies, exposing torso’s
Toes tagged as John smith, and yes, even Jane Doe’s
But I don’t wanna do it to ya
So soak my information up, like you used a loofah
That’s mister mays, I’m the judge and the juror
Flow straight from the water cooler
Don’t hate on the OverRuler
back to the basics,
Trapped in this rap thing,
Hanging from my laces
Like powerlines in the hood, son
I’m paradigm for these shook wuns, how not to be
Pass go with my lasso, it’s monopoly
Color blind, red octagon’s ain’t stopping me
My lines are like Hawaii, have my Verse laid properly
Son’s fly as hell, other folks remain lockerbee


From the bottom of the bottom mayne
(hands up)

Run that shit back figure,
Believe in all the riff raff, this that spitter
Who’s picking up yer weak trash, get back nigga
Before I let my dogs loose on you
Son has forewarned you, anybody setting out to aggravate
Is getting tossed in ovens, I ain’t talking bout no patty cakes
You see I’m only here to captivate
Oh you don’t believe in Christian?, I’ma make you pay for lacking faith
Yer walking kind of slow son dooks what happened?
Well I ain’t no shrek but my balls be draggin
Plus I got a limp, so I’m sort of swaggin’
Cause I fought a van, in an auto accident
And don’t you ever try to call me soft,
My foot was shattered, Got up and tried to walk it off
You half steppin, Me I’m walking off the charts
‘cause I step correct ‘till my fucking foot is falling off
This here is a crew cut
impress the house, shoulder shrug raise the roof up
If you don’t like this, I don’t give two fucks (Yall are Gardner's)
Straight up, all can plant tulips on my two nuts
Track Name: Toke It Up
Wake and bake
Son figure 8 in the morning,
Grinding, I scrape a plate
Finding, seeds in the THC lining
Hit that weed, then I’m dining
Son figure 8
Social smoker
A boodah toker,
Crucial to the
Youthful emcee
Persue smoking weed
Cause true green I breathe
Lets me express myself
And spread the wealth
Puff puff then I pass it
Ask if, blunt hash is magic
Move Far past
heroin addicts
we off that
ciggaretts kill,
cigar smoke we combat
but a little herb is good for you
Trees and brew
The makings of any good afternoon
Spend capitol on shrooms, or
Roll the windows up in a two door
Let the smoke
rise ‘till my eyes sore
Vaporize ‘till my throat raw
Getting high, definite
Ain’t no harm when you experiment
Days I see,
A little clearer, blazing weed
Like a mirror, find myself holding blunts
Then I Toke it up


Otherwise life would be a little boring
(So) Late at night, till hours of the morning
We, Kick back and roll some blunts
Ain’t no need to front.. when ya
Toke it up x 8

Puttin munchies in my stomach
Smoke a little bud
‘till my blood pressure plummet
Take the stress off ya chest, right?
Much love to the west side
But iLL Mays, from the NY
Fabreeze scented
Vizene drops In my eyes
So I ain’t seeing red
Like the guy
From a pup named Scooby
Blunts, bongs, doobies
Got a thick film on my tongue,
No movies
Gotta rip one, let the air go through me
Get a spliff done, son truly
No offense to Ricky Rick, but I love lucy’s
Take a licky lick of the zig zag
Then I sit back in the whip
Light the tip
Take a deep drag
Me and my boys, leave the ash in the tray
And that’s life passing away,
(To the left to the left)
Beyonce status
On some
Constant, spitting
Awful habit
On to lavish
Hash, the stash is homegrown
Spread the wealth
Hit em on the hip and phone homes
Like ET,
out of this world, we so zoned


For my heads in the east coast
I show love to dooks, even if you don’t smoke
The other day mah dude said he
Tried to stop cold turkey
But tell me, why you wanna sabatoge the deli/
Feel the heat in my belly, Word to mother
Mary Jane gets around and I can be her LOVER
Cot damm yer mans, be getting antsy,
Tongue taste like cotton candy
Can’t we, just
Get away from the cancerous
Lets, sit and blaze when I pass the blunts
And puff away ‘till we seeing stuff
Mad shapes and sizes, can’t raise my eyelids
Let the hash spread like a virus
All hail yer highness
Lucy and linus
Burn brain cells to mind dust
I just.. don’t.. even know anymore..
What’s happening?
Track Name: ASB (Good Stuff)
I am.. the mellinium man
Love to the pretty ones
Tryna make me giddy hu?
Unh, I can take you, outta this world
Be my anti-gravity girl
Check Check,
Let- me show,
How extra, terrest-rial
Get down, on a beat, let yer toes
Curl right up when I catch a flow
This the song for my ladies,
Gotta step back from my bro’s when I rap a little slow
But that’s the passion that I show, Like JESUS
Thoughts going through ya mind, “Oooh he gon please us”
Let me see more skin or, we just skip to the touching,
please don’t tease us
I’m tryina take a sip from yer C cups,
And the look in yer eye, is just screaming “Eat Up”
Nahh.. jay Kay you got another thing cumin..
Get it.. another thing cumin?
And I’m a get my stroke on, till I’m done man..
After that, you can hop up and cook me something
Aye ma be my B a B Y
I will take you Up To The Sky
See fire works like the Fourth of JuLy
The way you work, yo ass is so fly


Aye ma be my B a B Y
I will take you Up To The Sky
I’m too nice, And you will see why
I want you to make me my

I want some
After Sex Breakfast
Want you to make me some breakfast
I want some after sex breakfast

They Say Sex is a horizontal Handshake
So why not top it off with some pancakes?
And once we finish, making love,
You can get to making some bacon, love
I don’t care if it’s 12 in the morning
An you yawning, and the crow ain’t calling
I do my best, to make you shutter
it’s time for you to whip up, some crapes and butter
grapes and nuts or steak and syrup,
eggs and ham, biscuits and jam
told me to jump on you, so I hopped
Now save me the trip, to iHop

Track Name: Light Up (Ft. Drake)
I shock like electric eeeeeeeeellls
I’m so ****ing ill
Triple entandre I’ll tell you how it feels
Like a dead drunk driver, my thoughts flow at wheel
Soon as I write, my brain starts to spill,
And my hand starts to ache till the skin starts to peel
I’m still sorta baked, and this feels so surreal
I’m like a class action suit, ‘cause I seek mass appeal
And I need mass right now, son I’m so sinner
The gravity of this is Sun, No Winter
Yall can push my buttons, up-shift ya fingers
Yall still will never make me return – no enter keys
Please, if yall need to resort to keyboards
Then I’m a vacate off the Gulf Coast Seaboard
And straight sink to the basin where the pond stops
And, run around trying to, oil down spongebob
And I’m a spit ‘till the fun stops
Got enough cotton in my mouth to knit one sock
only toke to make my lungs hot
So I’ma light up ‘till I mess around and one pops
And I wouldn’t wanna be ya,
if yer on the wrong side of my onomonopia’s
I’m like a sauna when I see ya
Cause the drama’s gotta steam up
I ain’t talking big tits, when I make this look like T Cups..
(oh no you done pissed him off)
And I’ma grip my balls, like my damn zipper caught
Cancer of the brain, I command sicker thought
Lanterns in this game, yall should, gimmie the ring now
I get the green light as soon, I sing out
That’s right.. this rap shit I traffic it
This the fruits of my loins, I’m passionate
I run the big apple, yall are just apps in it
Track Name: Clark Kent
Yall know yall really want me
Don’t wanna see me go
They know I’m really something
Just wanna hear me flow

Sonny came from the block like legos
So I’ma make like the sky
and reign from the brain
It’s a game and the plot is to stay in the spotlight
And Aim for the top height
no stoplights
Dames gonna flock,
And men gonna hate
Fans gonna jock,
I’ma keep getting cake,
that’s life, that’s life
back and forth like a half pipe
ab stain like yer chest under black light
we make sacrifices
give up our fun, cut back on vices
sex, love, and money
the hero’s life is, all those but one
but it feels so priceless
all said and done, I’m a be the nicest
move minds like psychics
never find out what my kryptonite is
Never lie down, till I’m limp and lifeless
Never lie down, till I’m limp and lifeless


In life you get out, exactly what you put in
and I’m spendin’ Overtime on the beat (yeah)
I been tryin all my life to get my foot in
And I’m a finally pour my soul in the street (okay)
Cause I’ve Gone from Clark Kent (Clark Kent)
To Superman (to Superman)
I’ve Gone from Clark Kent (Clark Kent)
To Superman (to Superman)
I said I’ve Gone from Clark Kent (Clark Kent)
To Superman (to Superman)
I’ve Gone from Clark Kent (Clark Kent)
To Superman (to Superman)

Shoot to the top
It’s like I sit on the roof when I jot
Dudes runnin scared like I move with the cops
Tryin understand if it’s music or not
We all got brains, do you use it or not?
Losing yer head, boom and yer dead
Dufis’s drop
Cal el, cal el
Make more noise than a cowbell
Paved my own lane like lowis
oh its, been cold so noviscotia
topsy turvy, so rollercoaster
path to the top but its coming closer
Can’t stop, can’t stop
Son it’s in my jeans to succeed
Like my dungarees could achieve
Anything a human being could perceive
It’s easy fer me
Throw my pants on two legs at a time (whas good?)
Twist of fate, life turns on a dime
Listen to hate, that’s thoughts from from the blind
They just can’t see the bigger picture
save these victims
with these scriptures
son exists to
cradle the rap game,
babysit ya
World on my shoulders
If yall fall, I’ll come get ya

Yall know yall really want me
Don’t wanna see me go
They know I’m really something
Just wanna hear me flow
Yall know yall really want me
Don’t wanna see me go
They know I’m really something
Just wanna hear me flow

In life you get out, exactly what you put in
and I’m spendin’ Overtime on the beat (yeah)
I been tryin all my life to get my foot in
And I’m a finally pour my soul in the street (okay)
Gone from Clark Kent (Clark Kent)
To Superman (to Superman)


Oh me, oh my, a dame in distress
Who should we call, which name is the best
Is there any superhero left?
who could, come and save the day from this threat?
Jay’s Gone, Nas Gone
New York city needs an Icon
To stop these villains, from sealing hip hop,
And bringing death upon our, life forms
Look, in the sky, It’s a bird it’s a plane
Wait, it’s at guy, he’s so fly it’s insane
Like the Fourth of July, he’s a streak to the eye
And he seems to revive emcees with his rhyme
Illy Mays, Illy Mays
Armed with a pen I’m a fill a page
To liberate your mental state,
Till all yall, music fans are saved
I’m out return what was taken from the
Hip hop fan who spent all his cash on a trash CD
So I’m dropping these bars for free
Captain planet, I stop the garbage
Left handed bandit, Write the hardest
Cancer causing, smoke the compa-
Titition when I’m dropping knowledge
For my heads in college
Fo real b, yall have got to feel me
cape and tights, looking silly
Christian by day,
But at night it’s illy,
Up, Up, and a way
Son dooks trust,
I’m one step away
If you need a rush
Just find
Pen stripes
In ya iPod Touch
And I’ll be there
Turn ya speakers up, cause
Track Name: Still Dreamin' (I Got Next)
Represent for the block like lebron
Til the top of the charts is covered
With my album cover
Same style and subject
(Yeah Son)
Never change a thing
I came here as me,
I’m gon leave the same
Story contains some twists, turns, and struggles
The best of them do
Success ain’t a bubble
You don’t just pop up
And start at the top
It’s more like pot luck,
You work with what you got
In search of fame, fortune
Escape from misery
You may just wake up one day like
This isn’t me (me)
Never change
Do you, son
I guarantee
You may lose some
But you’ll make it if it’s meant to be
And that’s word
Gonna make it out the wasteland
coming out the blue
Erotic Asphyxiation
(I promise)
Yeah it’s a stretch
Like a pregnant woman’s waistband
(But aye man)
I’m a rising star
Like Japan
I demand To get signed
Put one over the system and flip ‘em
Let me not go on a tanget
Got a lotta dreams
But I ain’t into wishing
Who knew
ambition, Could
turn out like this?
Tryin to plot my route, No GPS
Don’t wanna Burn Out? The Secret is
What you see when you sleep
You accomplish


They’re with you everywhere you go
I got enough dreams for a lifetime
And I’m gonna write rhymes
‘til it’s late in the night time
Never gonna sleep on it though
Still dreaming
I Got next

You gotta
Open ya eyyeeees to se ‘em (open up)
Like you wanna climb
No L,I, between ‘em b (b)
My time to shine
Like a janitor
Soon as my song buffer
I take whacks off the camera
That’s lames out the picture (bye)
See me’ - Scheming
Cleaning house
Like an immigrant off the streets is
Like a good bladder
I’m staying off the Deep end (splash)
This here’s my dream
And I think I’m gonna sleep in
Screw reaching for the stars
Why try on mars,
If you know the sky’s the limit?
While yall are busy sticking ya face
in telescopes
Tryin to reach outer space
I’m a make my way
through my pillow case (Hey)
It’ll be a reality (Hey)
Mad fame
An Increase in my salary
Catch dreams
Like windows in a Tee Pee
Spread fast
Like an outbreak of TB
Tell me, who got next?
Snore so loud,
you could hear it Two Blocks West
keep the light out my face
Sleep shades on my desk
bandana over eyes, - Tupac’s best
(And no)
I ain’t forget it’s the cousin of death
But goal’s the top floor
And dreams are just steps
Achieving success
Just means you
Completeley seize
Keep on dreaming
And that’s the reason